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Introducing: Evah Mbogoh – OXygen Digital Account Executive

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Evah Mbogoh

Introducing our Digital Account Executive, Evah Mbogoh, with a few questions to get to know her and hear about her background and passions.

What is your experience prior to OXygen?

Although I have trained in Banking, Finance and Accounting, I have been working for ten years in Marketing, Customer Service and Communications. Keeping my curiosity and passion alive, I have explored different departments in different muti-cultural companies, gradually assuming managerial roles, up to becoming the sales and Marketing Manager at Africa Plantation Capital in Kenya and Uganda, making me the youngest to ever hold that position. I have worked at the Embassy of Japan as the Information Officer and was one of the pioneers of Japanese Cultural day in Nairobi that introduced the Japanese culture to Kenyans.

What can you bring to OXygen in your role as Account Executive? 

I am somebody whose strengths include having strong organizational capabilities, the ability to build long-lasting, professional relationships with clients and team members, and a creative approach to tasks. I want to be involved in storytelling for brands with the objective of highlighting impact and building connections between brands and their audiences. Through my role in Oxygen, I am keen on using my expertise to amplify social impact and purpose-led work whilst deep-diving into communication for social change. I plan to bring fresh ideas from Africa’s point of view. I would like to bring real African stories and ensure they are well-articulated.

Why do you think social media is so important for the international development sector?

Social media is a powerful tool that companies can use to publicize their vision, purpose, and activities; spread news; build support; attract volunteers and donors; and engage with interested segments of the population. And because of its built-in multiplier effect, social media can vastly speed up the diffusion of information, ideas, practices, values, and social norms that support positive change. It is also worth emphasizing that social media need not just reinforce echo chambers. Social media allows communities to form quickly and communicate effectively. Communities share common interests, such as a love of photography, a political issue, or a favorite TV show. In developing countries, it means that people in remote areas, or those who have limited access to some services, can now get education and a ton of information on health and finance that were almost impossible before social media.

Who is your dream client?

In my line of work, I am looking forward to working with companies that are in the space of change. Clients that are big in inclusion and diversity. Clients that believe diversity is integral for society to thrive and progress. The incredibly low number of Africans as board members is particularly troubling, because more than one third of projects take place in that region. My dream client would be one that goes against the norm.

What are you excited about achieving with OXygen?

Any client working with Oxygen should feel at-ease, and just because the work we do is complicated does not mean that it should feel complicated to our clients. I would like to start thought-provoking conversations, repurposing items into useful, creative crafts, and embrace opportunities to grow and utilize my communication skills.

Evah joined OXygen in February 2022. She has a Background in Banking and finance and is also a CPA holder. Evah is a sales and marketing, and customer service arsonist with over 10 years of experience having worked in multi-national companies. Her vast experience includes Real Estate and portfolio management as she was the customer relationship manager in an investment firm. The portfolio boasted of offshore investments in Europe and Africa. Evah has managed investment portfolios worth over USD 10million. This was a mix of traditional type of investments and non- traditional forms of investments such as Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) and life sciences products. In 2020 Evah joined the United Nations volunteer team as a fundraising and communication manager and she helped in development and implementation of fundraising strategies which resulted in proposal invitations from different donors and participated in proposal writing. Being part of the OXygen team allows her to blend her passions and interest in marketing and people. Evah is keen on using communication tools for change being a firm believer in its power when used appropriately. When she is not working, she likes to explore different countries culture, food, and music. Evah is big on volunteering to causes pertaining to gender-based violence against women and girls, empowers and protects the rights of every girl child by providing sustainable solutions that will improve their wellbeing.