The Client

climate change coaches are a team who run inspirational, motivating and educational training courses and coaching sessions to help influence people to take climate action. They understand how challenging it can feel to act, to make significant changes and to believe it’s worthwhile to tackle such an enormous issue as climate crisis. They equip individuals and organisations to inspire and lead creative, ambitious action across communities, organisations and even systems. 

climate change coaches brand guidelines

The Brief

The brief from climate change coaches was to update and refresh their brand identity, develop a full set of brand guidelines and re-design their website. OXygen were delighted to be awarded the brief and we had an in depth immersion session to kick the project off at the end of May 2021. Once we understood their full requirements, we started with refreshing and filling out their brand guidelines, complimented with a full tone of voice and brand language guide. The guidelines are comprehensive including imagery, fonts, colour palette and usage across all mediums. 

It was vital that the new identity reflected the passion, inclusivity and hope that climate change coaches achieve through their work. To achieve this, the heart has been used throughout the visual identity to complement images, colour blocks and text. The heart, combined with the bright, uplifting colour palette, is vital to portray climate change coaches key messaging, tone of voice and mission.

Once the brand identity and guidelines had completed and signed off, work begun on the website, which we also switched to a carbon neutral provider, to fit in line with climate change coaches mission, vision and values. The new website which went live in early August, is a cohesive brand experience throughout, succinct, powerful copy and a much improved user and purchasing experience. climate change coaches are delighted with the outcome and are looking forward to sharing their new website within their networks. 

What seems different about OXygen is they listen. From the beginning of our relationship with them, they have understood our needs and objectives as an organisation and always come back to us with work that is beautifully crafted, but more to the point, exactly right for our audiences.

Zoe GreenwoodCo-Founder - climate change coaches